What is microneedle mesotherapy?

Microneedle mesotherapy, also known as micruncture or transepidermal induction of collagen, is a procedure that allows you to achieve excellent anti-aging effects and reduce skin imperfections such as stretch marks, discoloration and acne scars. The essence of micro-puncturing is controlled damage to the epidermis with the help of small needles and thus provoking auto-regenerative processes that ultimately lead to skin revitalization.
During the procedure, thousands of micro-channels are formed in the stratum corneum of the epidermis, which facilitate the penetration of active substances from cosmetics into the skin. Above all, however, these microscopic holes are affected by local inflammation, which triggers a number of repair reactions, including increased production of collagen and elastin, the basic proteins responsible for skin elasticity and elasticity.
Most importantly, this seemingly complicated procedure can be performed at home using a properly selected derma roller, i.e. a small roller covered with microneedles of a properly selected length. The treatment is, of course, supplemented with cosmetics that stimulate cell regeneration and have a positive effect on skin condition: peptides, liposome complexes, hyaluronic gel, elastin, vitamin C in the form of L-ascorbic acid and in the form of oil, vitamin A, squalane, lipoic acid and others.


What needle length should you choose?

The length of needles in standard dermo rollers is from 0.25 mm to 1.5 mm, and the choice depends on the problem we want to face. It is not true, however, that the longer the needle, the better the effects of the procedure. The use of rollers with a needle length of 0.5-1.0 mm is enough to produce collagen, and deeper puncture does not intensify this phenomenon.
People with thin, very sensitive facial skin should start with 0.25 mm needles - the effects will be visible anyway. Longer needles (over 1 mm) can be reached for stretch marks, cellulite, surgical scars and deep acne scars.
The length of the needles will also affect how often the treatments are carried out. The procedure using 0.25 mm long needles can be repeated even every 2 days, with 0.50 mm needles - not more often than once a week, and with 1.00 mm long needles - not more often than every 2-3 weeks . Micro-puncturing with longer needles requires a break of at least 6 weeks and it is better to leave such treatment to an experienced cosmetologist.

How to use derma roller

As early as a month before the planned series of treatments, you can start preparing the skin by generously applying vitamins A and C, key for collagen synthesis. Immediately before the procedure, however, it is worth performing a gentle peeling, e.g. enzymatic, to remove calluses, especially if you use rollers with short needles.
Step 1. We disinfect the dermo roller. For disinfecting the roller, it is best to use special disinfectants intended for this purpose or disinfectant liquids for medical equipment. We also disinfect hands, e.g. with an antibacterial gel.
Step 2. Thoroughly cleanse the skin. For this purpose, we make careful makeup removal and wipe the skin with an antibacterial tonic or Octanisept.
Step 3. We anesthetize the skin. This is not a mandatory step, but people with a low pain threshold can apply lidocaine anesthetic cream, e.g. Emla, before the procedure, leaving it on the skin about 30 minutes before rolling. Alternatively, disinfected ice bags can be applied to the skin.
Step 4. Apply the serum. The treatment can be performed on dry skin, but the application of the right cosmetic has a beneficial effect. At this stage, we use non-greasy water formulas, containing e.g. peptides, liposome complexes, yellow clover extract, elastin, or hyaluronic gel.
Step 5. We roll. We roll the skin 5-6 times in one place, each time lifting the roll and returning to the starting point, then we move to the neighboring place. We perform horizontal and later vertical movements all over the problem area of ​​the skin (or vice versa). While rolling, gently stretch the skin with your free hand. We do not press the roller!
Step 6. Apply the oil serum. The post-treatment serum should contain ingredients soluble in the oil phase: e.g. vitamin A, squalane, lipoic acid, etc. Ampoules with ready-made formulas of active ingredients for use both before and after the surgery. Apply the cosmetic with a brush.
Step 7. We alleviate irritation. After the cosmetic has absorbed (10-15 minutes), you can apply a soothing mask or serum with the addition of panthenol, betaine, algae or allantoin. We do not use traditional drugstore creams or any cosmetics with potentially irritating effects.
Microchannels produced during the procedure remain open for a period of a few to several dozen minutes. During this time, be careful not to infect the skin with dirty hands and not irritate it with unsuitable cosmetics. For a minimum of one day you should refrain from applying makeup, and in case of exposure to UV rays, use sunscreen with mineral filters.
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